At Fruit Haven Ecovillage, we are creating a sustainable eco-village and a functioning permaculture fruit farm. We hope to inspire local farmers to see fruit production as a profitable endeavor; an alternative to deforestation and cattle grazing. 

Our community values are important to our unity and success: 
  • Responsible care-taking of the land to maintain and increase production of fruits and vegetables 
  • Permaculture methods of farming 
  • Consuming raw, unfractionated, unprocessed foods 
  • Abstinence from addictive mind-altering substances such as alcohol and other drugs 
  • Maintaining spiritual health through meditation and yoga 
  • Not harming/domesticating other animals or exploiting them for our gain 
  • Maintaining a de-centralized, non-hierarchical structure in the community 

Group of people planting a fruit tree
Located in the foothills of the Andes on the edge of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, the tropical climate is ideal for durian, marang, rollinia, mamey sapote, jackfruit, papaya, and much more. The farm already produces plantains, bananas, papayas, pineapples, abiu, sugarcane, oranges, local/wild fruits, and many tropical perennial vegetables such as katuk and malabar spinach.

Contact us to inquire about staying as a volunteer, joining as a community member, or buying into the project as a trustee with your name on the land title. 

Announcement #1: There is a group-buy opportunity in the near future of a 66-hectare lot next to Fruithaven. This lot may become part of the Fruithaven project, complete with a charter. Please send an email to if you are interested and would like more information.

Announcement #2: There is another group buy opportunity of a 60-hectare lot, also next to Fruit Haven. The previously mentioned 66 hectare lot is more remote, further back from the river and road, and at a higher altitude, with more primary forest. It is more ideal for people who want a remote, off-grid paradise (though we will make an access road, install internet, and do other things to make it easily usable.) The 60-hectare lot is riverfront, closer to the road and civilization, and more ideal for people who are older, have children, or have other accessibility issues. Send an email to the address above with more info.

    Stay tuned to our Facebook page, this website, and our YouTube channel!

An image of the waterfall at FruitHaven Ecovillage
A waterfall located near the community house
Rio Zamora
The Rio Zamora (on the very left you can see its intersection with Rio Chuchumbleza.

View from hill
A beautiful view from the top of the hill