Want to learn about permaculture and volunteer your time to a worthy cause? 

Contact us to learn about volunteering here! 


We offer a work-exchange volunteer program where you receive food (simple hearty vegan fare - fruits, vegetables, cooked starches, avocado, etc) and accommodation in exchange for 25 hours of various farm tasks per week (5 hours per day, 5 days per week.)
Note to raw food folks who wish to volunteer: Keep in mind that because the fruit and vegetable production of the farm varies, and our budget is a constant, and most of our volunteers are from travel-volunteer websites like Workaway and HelpX, we are currently unable to guarantee provision of 100% raw foods, however we will do our best to accommodate you (and have been able to accommodate this well in the past.)

What to Bring
Rubber calf-length "wellington"-style boots are necessary. Local hardware stores sell them for $9/pair, unless your size is 45 (European size) or higher, in which case you'll have to look in a bigger city to find that size.

Some don't have a problem with bugs, but some newcomers to the area are bitten by gnats heavily. There are not many mosquitoes. You may wish to bring a mosquito net which is sufficient for "no-see-ums."

What We Provide
We provide mattresses but you should probably bring your own blanket/sleeping bag (we do provide a mattress cover). Most of the time you will sleep 1 to a room but if we have a lot of folks here we may put two volunteers in our bigger room.

The house is a simple, rustic, post-and-beam construction house right on the Rio Zamora. From the porch you can watch the boats going by. There are 4 bedrooms in the house (1 large and 2 small) and also a little cabin over the pond that you can occupy. There is a hot shower and bathroom. We use a composting toilet, to complete the nutrient cycle. 

Do We Charge Money?
We do not charge money for the volunteering program; food and accommodation received is free. However, we do charge $5 for internet access if you want it. The $5 covers the duration of your stay up to a month, and if you stay longer than a month, you'll pay $5 for each additional month. This helps us with the monthly bill. It's a great deal because most internet cafes in Ecuador charge $1/hour.

Work generally falls into one of these categories:
Agriculture/Permaculture - Planting trees, maintaining trees, clearing weeds with machete, various tree maintenance tasks, vegetable garden work
Nursery work - tending to baby trees/plants in the nursery
House/Facilities repair - this may include sanding, painting, digging, etc
Hospitality/Upkeep - this may include cleaning rooms before/after guest arrival, sweeping the common areas, etc.

You will be expected to work 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. However we do not set the exact schedule, you can work at your leisure once you have your task list and understand how to complete each task. At the end of each day you will be expected to write in our "Volunteer Work Log" what you did that day. This is also to keep track of which 5 days each week you worked, and which are your days off.