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Types of Stay at Fruithaven

What are the differences between coming to Fruithaven as part of our volunteer program, and staying longer-term as a community member?

  • Receive free food as part of the work-exchange agreement. They also receive free accommodation and free electricity, but pay $5/month for internet usage.
  • Work a set number of hours, 25 hours per week. They can decide which days to work and how many hours each day (although most volunteers work 5 hours per day, Monday thru Friday.)
  • Receive a set list of tasks to do each day, written on the whiteboard in the common area of the community house.
  • Generally stay from 2 weeks up to 2 months. 1 month is the maximum limit for receiving free food under the full volunteer program - after that, volunteers can either leave, switch to the "partial volunteer program," (detailed on the page you just came from) or ask to become a longer-term community resident.

Community members and long-term residents...

  • Can eat food produced from the farm for free, but anything beyond that must be purchased themselves from local markets or neighboring farms (our farm does not yet produce sufficient food to feed everyone here year-round. We are working on that.
  • Pay $5 per month for internet, and $1/month for the electric bill.
  • Have an expectation to help out with planting fruit trees, other permaculture tasks, maintenance and cleaning of facilities, and other important tasks. 
  • Do not have a set number of work hours or days. This gives more freedom for occasional travel, fasting, resting, getting sick, etc. Yet still, members are held to an expectation of service to the community. 
  • Have more autonomy in terms of which tasks they will do. Community members are not necessarily beholden to the list of tasks written on the whiteboard for those in the volunteer program.

Any questions? Send us an email at fruithaven.ecuador@gmail.com.

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