Diet and Lifestyle

Last updated: 8 July 2020

Read about what dietary and lifestyle goals we have at Fruit Haven.

Community Areas vs. Private Homestead Lots

Most our guidelines pertain to the community areas at Fruit Haven, where we house renters, volunteers, and long-term community residents.

Private homestead lots are not subject to the same guidelines. However, we encourage property owners to follow these "best practices" on their private lots as well. Read on for details.

Community Area Diet/Lifestyle Guidelines

  • Primarily raw, plant-based diet: This can be many variations of frugivore / raw vegan / fruitarian / fruit based / frugivore / MDHS / Ehret / entovegan / high-raw WFPB / etc. We do not require any specific diet, but we do have some guidelines. We encourage you to include as much raw food as possible; many people here eat entirely raw diets.

  • Please do not consume the following: Baked wheat bread, meat, fish, cheese, other dairy products, food fried in oil, processed foods with many ingredients that come in packages

  • You are welcome to enjoy: Dehydrated sprouted-grain "raw" bread, like the Essenes used to eat, coconut milk, fermented coconut yogurt and nut cheeses, etc.

  • Personal hygiene: Please wash your clothes and bedding regularly to prevent bedbugs and maintain a positive appearance. Please wash your body and hair, and trim your nails. Shivambu practitioners are requested to do their practice in a way that does not leave them smelling poorly. If you are unable to maintain a clean appearance and take care of yourself, we may ask you to leave.

  • Eating disorders: If you have an eating disorder and reach an extremely low BMI, we may hold an intervention on your behalf and require you to take concrete steps to regain your health. However, we do not have the facilities or expertise to be an ED recovery center, so if it is determined that we cannot help you, we may ask you to leave.

  • Physical activity and sunshine: Be active and get sun!

  • Coffee: Please do not regularly consume.

  • Cacao: Please enjoy cacao responsibly. It is powerful!

  • Alcohol and other hard drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, etc: Abstain from using these substances.

  • Plant-based spiritual experiences such as ayahuasca, san pedro, etc: May occur here under supervision, and only occasionally.

  • Regular/daily use of marijuana is not encouraged here.

  • Tobacco: Please do not smoke tobacco in the community areas. The only exception would be a tabaquero shaman giving a ceremony (this happens here from time to time.)

Private Homestead Lot Diet/Lifestyle Guidelines

Property owners (and their invitees) living in a private homestead lot at Fruit Haven have more freedom, as we respect the autonomy of private land owners. However, we still ask you to respect the core values and vision of Fruit Haven Ecovillage as you live your life. For your health's sake, of course we recommend you follow the same guidelines as the community areas.

When you enter the community areas, you will be required to abide by the aforementioned guidelines there.