Area Map

At the bottom of the map is the area with Fruit Haven lots 1-3+. Towards the top you see Terra Frutis and FH10. All are on the Rio Zamora.

Gualaquiza is in the top left corner.

To go from Fruit Haven to Terra Frutis you can either take a 45-minute boat ride, or you can take a bus/taxi for about 1-2 hours, up the highway to Gualaquiza then along the road that follows the Rio Bomboiza (that smaller river that runs east/west and joins the Rio Zamora.)

Not labelled is Proveeduría, a small village right at the intersection of Rio Bomboiza and Rio Zamora. From there, a bridge crosses Bomboiza, and a gravel road goes down to Terra Frutis and eventually FH10, all the way down to Las Peñas and back to the main road. This is a one-lane rural dirt road, fairly bumpy in parts.

For a close-up map of the Fruit Haven 1-3+ properties at the bottom of the map, go to the Group Land Buys page.