Fruit Haven 10

Page last updated: 23 September 2019

Fruit Haven 10 is a 14-hectare property along the Rio Zamora, in between Fruit Haven 1-3 and Terra Frutis.

It is currently in Stage 2 of planning, which means we have purchased the property and are looking for people to buy shares. We are currently surveying the property in preparation for marking lots. Hopefully by December 2019 we will have a lot map and will start advertising individual lots for sale.


The property has direct road access. It is bordering the Rio Zamora and is a 25-minute boat ride to Fruit Haven (to the south) or a 10 minute boat ride to Terra Frutis (to the north.) Or, it is a 20-30 minute drive to Fruit Haven. Currently, before the northern section of the road is done, the only access to Terra Frutis is a 20 minute walk, however, once the road is finished it will be a 5 minute drive there. The road is expected to be finished by the end of 2019. Then it will stretch all the way from Proveeduría to the south (through Terra Frutis, FH10, and all the way down to Shiram Entsa, Las Peñas and back out to the main road.) There is an area map below.


Electric is not installed but the road has a powerline. We will connect the community area to the powerline. Individual homestead lot owners can hook up to the powerline if they want (installation cost is their own responsibility) or use off-grid options. Internet can be installed at this location all throughout the property; we will install it at the community area. There is a large stream (2-3 meters wide) coming down the northern property boundary.

Property features and geography

The property starts at the river, with about 5 hectares of pasture. It goes slightly uphill to the public path. Then, after the public path, it is forested all the way to the back (west) side of the property. At the very back it begins to get steep as it goes up into the mountain. The property is about 100 meters wide (north to south) and 1400 meters long, so it has a long thin shape. It will likely be divided into 0.5 hectare lots and a community area, and those lots can be combined into larger lots for the larger shareholders. The good thing about the narrow shape is that conceivably, every personal homestead lot can border the stream and the driveway (we will make a driveway down the length of the property).

Property development budget

When we do a group buy, we include in the share price a property development fund. This allows for basic maintenance of the property, construction and maintenance of the community area, and other important elements (driveway, electric, internet, water system, etc.)

Click here to see the proposed property development budget for FH10. The first tab is proposed budget, the second tab is proposed share prices and land allotment, and the remaining tabs are breakdowns for some items on the budget. Share prices and details are subject to change until we officially announce the lot sales.

The spreadsheet is in .ODS format so it should open in any spreadsheet program such as LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel. If you are on a mobile device, you may want to install Google's "Sheets" app or a similar spreadsheet app with .ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) support.


Click here to view a Google Drive folder with photos of the property:

Property Map

This is an old map, made with manual measurements, and edited by us to make a few things clearer. Soon we will upload the new GPS map.

Approximate GPS location

GPS location of the property: Google Maps

Map of Area

This map shows the proximity to the other Fruit Haven lots and to Terra Frutis.

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