Group Land Buys

At Fruit Haven, we encourage people to become a part of the change and buy their own land.

This results in more raw vegan-owned permaculture land for growing fruit forests and living sustainably. A great way to advance our mission, and to help you own your own land. Food-producing tropical land is a great investment that holds its value better than almost anything else. Plus, it gives the ultimate economic and survival security to you and your family - if it ever became necessary, you always have the option to "live off the land."

Participating in a group buy provides these benefits:

  • Your name on the land title as a co-owner. Ecuador has a secure title system and as a foreigner, you only need a valid passport to buy land. You do not have to be present here, you can purchase remotely if you wish. We do a thorough map and title study on each land to prevent future boundary or ownership disputes.
  • A personal homestead lot. Depending on the size of your share, you will receive a mapped and marked portion of the land that is legally tied to your name. Here you can build your house, plant fruit trees, etc. We also offer remote management of planting and construction in case you'd like a cabin and fruit trees but aren't able to come here right away to have it done yourself.
  • A legal contract between you and the other owners, to prevent future problems. This includes land use, shared property expenses, dispute resolution, and other important clauses.
  • A percent ownership of the property. For example, if you buy a share in Fruit Haven 3, you have a 5% ownership of the property.
  • A share in the property development fund. This is included in the share price. The property development fund includes shared property expenses like taxes, boundary marking, water system, and path and trail maintenance. It also includes maintenance of a "community area" with house, workshop, internet, etc, so that owners have a "home base" while they are working on developing their homestead lots, and so that guests and volunteers have a place to stay. The community area can also be used to host retreats and events.

Learn about why we chose Southeast Ecuador for Terra Frutis and Fruit Haven:

Learn about owning land in Ecuador:

Learn about the basic structure of Fruit Haven group land buys:

Fill out this questionnaire to be approved to participate in any Fruit Haven group land buy:

Trustee Questionnaire

Fruit Haven Area Map

Land Available


Read about "stages" to determine the current situation with each one of these available properties.

Stage 1: We have found the property, and may have information such as: Owner, price, size, map, pictures, and features. We are looking for 1-2 people to buy the land as initial investors, so that there is no risk of it being sold to someone else and in the meantime we can organize a group buy. Once the group buy is organized, the original buyers re-sell it to the group-buyers, keeping a share if they want. They will typically earn a 10% commission for the risk they took in making the investment. The principle payment for the land from the group buyers goes into their property development fund share, and once that is paid in full, any excess goes back to the original buyers.

Stage 2: We have found an investor who has purchased the property and we are now organizing the group buy. We are looking for people to buy shares. They will get their name on the title, a personal homestead lot, and a contract specifying land use and other details. (more info on this above.)

Stage 3: We have already organized and carried out a group buy. Now there are multiple owners, each with personal homestead lots, and the property development fund is mostly or fully funded. There may or may not be shares of this property available for sale.

Fruit Haven 3

Stage 2/3. There is currently a group-buy opportunity of a 66-hectare lot next to Fruithaven. This lot is now a part of the Fruithaven project, complete with a legalized charter agreement between owners. We currently have 2 remaining spots available, and are selling 5% shares (with a 1.5 hectare homestead lot, and access to the community area) for $8,500. Please send an email to if you are interested and would like more information.

Fruit Haven 4

Stage 1. There is a group buy opportunity of a 23.5-hectare lot, also next to Fruit Haven. This lot is riverfront, closer to the road and civilization, and more ideal for people who are older, have children, or have other accessibility issues. Send an email to the address above with more info. Click here to see proposed buy-in costs and share details (Note: Subject to change as we have not finished negotiating a sale price or finalized the budget.) If interest allows, we hope to add options to make this property very family-friendly (playground, childcare area, etc.) Click here to see some pictures of the FH4 property. This property is currently for sale by the owner; we are looking for 1-2 people to buy the property upfront so then we have time to organize the group buy and re-sell it to 8-10 group buyers, of course keeping a share for themselves if they please. This is a good opportunity to earn an easy 10% commission on the investment. Send an email if you are interested.

Fruit Haven 1

Stage 3. There is currently 1 5% share of Fruit Haven 1 for sale. The owner is asking $5000, plus closing costs (around $800.) The share comes with a 0.4 hectare (4000 square meter, 1 acre) personal homestead lot. The lot hasn't been selected yet so we will help you with the lot claim/selection process. The lot has to be located east of the public path and up the hill. This means that the lot will be around a 20 minute walk from the parking lot, or a 10 minute walk from the Fruit Haven 1 community area. There is a switchback trail in development up this part of the hill, that allows walking access to the lot, but it is not yet completed. Once complete it will be sufficient for an ATV or motorbike, or electric bicycle. For further questions or a map, send us an email.

Fruit Haven 2

Stage 3. There is currently 1 5% share of Fruit Haven 2 for sale. The asking price is $6000, plus closing costs (around $800.) No land is tied to this share because the owner has not selected their lot yet, so we can assist you with the personal homestead lot claiming process. This share includes the option of EITHER: [[ (1) A 0.75 hectare lot "up the hill" on the eastern part of the property, and a 0.09 hectare (30x30meters) lot by the river / community area. ]] OR [[ (2) a 0.84 hectare lot "up the hill" on the eastern part of the property. ]] The eastern part of the property is up the large hill and is accessible via a trail that is currently being turned into a proper access road that can be accessed by ATV or electric/motorized bike. Contact us for details if you're interested in buying this share and becoming a FH2 trustee.

Fruit Haven 5/6

Stage 1. Along the river, bordering Fruit Haven 4, there are 2 more properties for sale. One is by the river, the other is uphill (bordering the lower one.) They are about 34 hectares in total. The same person owns both and he wants to sell them together. He is asking $100k. The upper property is just pasture and forest with a big stream running through it, but the lower property has 2 large fish ponds, a big stream, a large 5-bedroom wood house with finished carpentry, kitchen/dining room, living room, and storage/bodega. There are also several sheds / auxiliary structures. A stream runs right in front of the house. We would be looking for someone (or 2-3 people) to purchase this property up-front so that we have time to organize a group buy without risk of the owner selling it to someone else. Then, it can be re-sold to ~15 group buyers, and the original buyers can earn an easy 10% commission on their investment and keep a share for themselves if they want. Contact us if you are interested and we can provide more details.

Other Investment Opportunities

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