FH2 Lot 2

Lot 2 of Fruit Haven 2 is for sale. The listed price is $10,496 USD (firm) plus closing costs. See closing cost details at bottom of page.

General Sale Info

This lot includes a 5% share of the property ownership (with your name on the title) and a 0.84 hectare personal homestead lot. 0.84 hectares is 8,400 square meters or 2 acres. Note that this lot is not mapped or marked so you would have to hire a topographer and do this after buying, to avoid future boundary disputes with neighboring lots. The approximate cost of this is $150.

Lot 2 is located 15 minutes walk from the FH2 community area and 25 minutes walk from the FH3 waterfall. There is a large flat area and some downhill slope on the north side reaching the north FH2 property boundary with FH1.

This lot is right along the FH2/FH3 access road. You can arrive via motorcycle or quad on dry days. In the future the road may be graveled which will allow for access in all weather.

There is currently no water system, but one could install a rainwater catchment system, or together with neighboring lots, install a cistern in the stream up the hill, which would provide you with a 1/2 inch water hose with enough pressure for sink/shower/etc.

There is currently a 3x3 meter pole structure with a gable roof, metal roofing, and earthen floor. It has sufficient roof space to add a loft.

The following fruits are planted and up to 1-2 meters high: 33 ice cream beans, 7 marangs, 1 pedalai, 4 rollinias, 2 chempedaks, 1 black sapote, 3 lemon drop mangosteen, 2 sapodilla, 5 jackfruit, 18 rollinias, 1 soursop.

Broadband internet could be hooked up via putting up a 12 meter pole to get signal from across the valley. Service costs about $30/month for 6 MBPS up and down (higher speeds are available). The installation would cost between $600-$1500 depending on your choices regarding the antenna pole and equipment.

Some pictures of the lot: https://fruitfiles.fruithavenecovillage.com/s/WEcqZs3xxeRX3BK

Send us an email at fruithaven.ecuador@gmail.com or fruithaven@protonmail.com for more info.

Fruit Haven 2 Community Area

Internet access is available at the FH2 community area which is currently being developed, though internet could also be installed on lot 2 if desired, as explained above. The FH2 community area is accessible via crossing the bridge across Rio Zamora from the parking lot. The government has plans to widen the bridge in the future to make it possible for cars to pass.

The FH2 property has a beautiful view of the Zamora river valley from some areas. There is cell phone signal on this lot, but no 3G.


The map on the left (below) is a general lot map of FH2. You can right-click and click "view image" to zoom in.

We encourage you to come visit the land, or you can arrange a Skype or Facebook call with us or the seller to ask detailed questions about the land. 0.84 hectares is more than enough land to raise food for a family.

Closing Costs

The closing costs will be as follows:

$950 per person if two people each purchase a 5% share around the same time (combining the closings of FH2 lots 2 and 7)

$800 per lot if one person purchases both FH2 shares currently for sale (Lots 2 and 7) at the same time

$1200 if one person purchases this 5% share (without combining the closing with other lots - this would be the best option if you want to purchase Lot 7 right away without waiting until we find buyers for lot 2. This reduces the chance that someone else will buy Lot 7 before you.)

This covers all government fees, sales taxes, registration, as well as the agent's fee for carrying out the sale. There are two things it does not cover: (1) Your signing, sending, or possible translation of the power of attorney document, as these costs can vary depending on your situation. (2) Any money transfer fees you may incur in sending the closing costs or property purchase funds. Note that the seller will be responsible for any possible intermediary bank fees or foreign exchange fees.

FH2 Property Development Fund

Your purchase of Lot 2 incurs no immediate obligation to the FH2 Property Development Fund, but after the current budget period is up at the end of 2020, you should expect to pay about $200 per year towards the fund in order to cover general property maintenance expenses including marking property boundaries, upkeep of the FH2 community area, et cetera. The budget for this fund is proposed by any trustee or the project administrator, and approved by all FH2 owners. If all the owners are in accordance, larger budgets may be passed that allow for capital improvements to the property such as water system, electric, etc.