FH3 Lot 9

One of the FH3 trustees is selling their lot. It is located adjacent to the community house / community area and the property boundary that will be with FH6. The asking price is $9k plus closing costs. Closing costs will be around $950. Share size is 5% of property ownership.

The lot is 1.5 hectares (15,000 square meters, or 3.7 acres.) It will have nearby internet access from the FH3 community area, though internet could also be installed on the lot if desired. It will have access to the water system. The FH3 access road runs alongside it, as you can see on the map. The access road will be complete in June. Until the access road is complete, it is a 45-60 minute walk from the bridge / parking lot. Once the access road is complete it will be a 20 minute motorcycle, moped, electric bike, or ATV ride on the access trail.

The lot has a beautiful view of the valley. It is remote and there are no traffic noises. There is cell phone signal, but no 3G. The lot has secondary forest with a few cleared areas. Terrain is mostly flat or <10% grade, with the northern section being more sloped. Photos will be posted soon. Short walk to the FH3 waterfall.