FH3 Lots 11-12

Last updated: 5 September 2019

One of the FH3 trustees is selling 2 5% shares. This trustee has a 35% share and is selling 10% of that. It can be purchased by 1 or 2 people The personal homestead lots for these shares are located 10-15 minutes walk from the community house / community area. The asking price is $8k per 5% share plus closing costs , or $16k for a 10% share plus closing costs.

The closing costs will be as follows:

$700 each if two people each purchase a 5% share at the same time (combining the closings)

$950 each if two people each purchase a 5% share separately.

$950 if one person purchases the 10% share

This covers all government fees, sales taxes, registration, as well as the agent's fee for carrying out the sale. The only thing it does not cover is the power of attorney document, as this cost can vary depending on your situation.

The lots are 1.5 hectares (15,000 square meters, or 3.7 acres) per 5% share, or 3 hectares for the 10% share. We have not yet surveyed the lots but their approximate location is marked in red on the property map below. We hope to survey them in September and have GPS maps, photos, and videos ready for your perusal.

Internet access will be available at the FH3 community area which is currently being developed, though internet could also be installed on the lot if desired. The FH3 property is accessible via a 20 minute motorcycle, moped, electric bike, or ATV ride on the access trail, which is scheduled to be more or less complete in October 2019. FH3 also has a beautiful waterfall with bathing pool that is 10 minutes walk from the community area.

The FH3 property has a beautiful view of the valley (though not necessarily from these lots.) It is remote and there are no traffic noises. This property is perfect for those who want to be far from modern civilization and create a permaculture homestead. There is cell phone signal on most parts of the property, but no 3G. The lots have secondary forest with a few cleared areas; it was all cow pasture in the past. Terrain varies and we will have more info once we survey the lots. We will shape the lot boundaries to maximize the usable terrain. Photos and videos will be posted at that point.

It is currently unknown if these lots will have access to the FH3 water system, which is a pressurized main waterline coming from a mountain stream. We have to complete an elevation and routing study to determine this. If it is not possible, we will publish here the approximate cost of a simple system to supply pressurized water to these lots.

First survey video - just walking to the general area and describing the layout: https://youtu.be/ICFTlu5fz6o

Send an email to fruithaven.ecuador@gmail.com if you have any questions.