Fruit Haven 11

Page last updated: 1-1-2019

This 9 hectare property, selling for $20k USD, is located in Sector Portón, about a 20 minute drive from Gualaquiza on the old route to Cuenca.

It is at a higher elevation, around 1350 meters. This means that the weather is a bit cooler and there are less bugs, and it also means that super-tropicals like durian will probably not produce there. However, most other tropical fruits we grow (like banana, papaya, jackfruit, etc) will do great there, and some things like litchi and white sapote will probably do even better there than they will at our lower-elevation properties. This property has road access via a well-maintained paved and gravel road, and public bus to Gualaquiza passes twice per day. Private taxi rides to the location are about $5. The property does need a driveway, however, as it is about 200 meters from the road. This will be included in the property development budget. The property is a hundred meters away from a powerline so it would not be hard to hook up power.

The terrain has some nice flat areas and some hills, and has a cliff on the back side. There are 2 small streams on the property. There is a house right back from the cliff, with an amazing view of the entire valley. However, the house is in disrepair and is on the farthest back section of the property from the road, about a 20 minute walk to get there. It might be easier to simply disassemble the house and salvage the materials to make a community house on the area closest to the road. A good portion of the property is divisible into personal homestead lots. We are looking for a seed investor for this property, so let us know if you are interested.


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Development Budget

When we do a group buy, we include in the share price a property development fund. This allows for basic maintenance of the property, construction and maintenance of the community area, and other important elements (driveway if necessary, electric, internet, water system, etc.)

Here are two proposals for the development budget of FH11 if it is purchased as a group land buy:

Proposal 1 is a higher budget, including construction of a new cabin, hookup to the powerline, an ATV for getting around the property, and other amenities.

Proposal 2 is a lower budget, including renovation of the existing cabin, solar power and small backup generator (the solar would not be enough to power tools and other heavy-duty items such as a vitamix blender.), no ATV, and lesser expenditures on several items.

In each spreadsheet, the first tab shows the budget, the second tab shows potential share prices and land divisions, and the remaining tabs are breakdowns of each budget item. Both spreadsheets are in .ODS format so should open in any spreadsheet program such as LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel. If you are on a mobile device, you may want to install google's "Sheets" app or a similar spreadsheet app with .ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) support.


We do not have a map of the property itself, as it is an old title and has the boundaries listed as compass headings and distances on the title itself. Before we purchase the property, we will enter into a legalized sale contract with the owner, and then do a full study of the boundaries to make a proper GPS map. Then the contract covers us in case the size of the land changes slightly due to modernized (more accurate) mapping techniques.

Here is an area map showing the farm's approximate location in relation to Gualaquiza. The white line is the road "Via al Portón."

Here is an area map showing the farm's approximate location in relation to Terra Frutis and Fruit Haven lots 1-6.