Fruit Haven 7

This page last updated: 3 July 2020

Stage 1. This is a group buy opportunity of a 15.7 hectare lot, next to Fruit Haven 3. This lot is up in the mountain like FH3. It is ideal for people who prefer remoteness and don't mind a 20 minute ATV drive on Fruit Haven Road to arrive at the property. We plan to install internet, running water, solar electric in the community area. More information will be coming soon. We expect to offer 6 5% shares for $5950 plus closing costs, and 7 10% shares for $11900 plus closing costs, with lots of 1.6 acres (0.65 acres) and 3.2 acres (1.3 hectares) respectively.

We are currently looking for a seed investor to provide $20k to buy the property upfront, or 2 seed investors to provide $10k each.

Photos / Videos: Click here for our photos and videos exploring the property.

Property development budget: Click here (PDF) to see the proposed property development budget for FH7.

Map: This is an area map showing the proposed route of the access road. More details in the budget document linked above.