Fruit Haven 9

This page last updated: 9 December 2020

Fruit Haven 9 (FH9) is a 31.5 hectare farm, next to Fruit Haven 8 and Fruit Haven 7, on top of the mountain ridge past Fruit Haven 3. It is ideal for people who prefer remoteness and don't mind a 20-30 minute ATV drive on Fruit Haven Road to arrive at the property. We plan to install internet, running water, and solar power in the community area. We will extend the Fruit Haven private road to reach this property. There are large streams running along the north and south boundary, with waterfalls and good bathing spots.

To live at this property it would be best to have a personal vehicle like a quad. We can easily find 200-250cc quad ATVs for Fruit Haven owners. Used they can cost around $1500-$2500 depending on brand, condition, and accessories.

The elevation is 1000-1100m elevation on average. We are 3 degrees from the equator. This results in annual average daytime temps of around 24-28 and nighttime of 16-20. Tropical fruits that will grow well here: Jackfruit, mangosteen, banana, papaya, white sapote, mysore raspberry, citrus, durio graveolens and zibethinus hybrid, mangifera odorata and mangifera caesia, lychee, and many others.
The elevation is just a bit too high for durio zibethinus / other lowland durians, and marang, for example.

Seed Investor(s) Needed!

We need seed investors to buy this property up front, so we can re-sell shares as part of a group land buy. Seed investors can earn a 10-15% markup on the land that they re-sell.

The current owners of the FH9 property want $50k for this property, which is about $1600 per hectare. We consider this to be a fair price for this area. Please contact us at if you are interested in purchasing this property.

Share Cost

Details of share costs coming soon.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos exploring the property: Coming soon.

Property Development Budget

Planned property development budget coming soon.

Area Map

This map shows the proposed route of the access road (Solid section already made) and the location of Fruit Haven 9 in relation to the other properties.