Other Investment Opportunities

Page last updated: 5 June 2019

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If you’re looking for an investment that can gain back some passive income in a way that land ownership can’t, we have some options for you to consider. Understand that the Fruit Haven project (as well as Terra Frutis) are expanding and gaining new properties and land owners. With each new property comes a new property development budget – but sometimes we can’t afford to put large tools or machinery in the individual budgets for each property. It makes more sense for Terra Frutis and Fruit Haven to share, for example, a mini-digger, a dump trailer, a wood chipper, or other important pieces of equipment.

If you purchase something that can be used for our projects in this area, it will be legally purchased in your name, with a contract of investment that is legalized in Ecuador. An attorney will oversee this process. Every time it is used, the project or landowner that is using it will pay a fair rental fee, which will be tracked by our accountant. You will pay maintenance on the machine, and of course, the contract will specify that any repairs beyond normal wear and tear will be paid for by the project or landowner that is responsible for the damage.

For example: You buy a rototiller. Projects or landowners who wish to add biochar and limestone to their soil to help restore a parcel of especially acidic pastureland, will rent it at $20-$50 per day depending on the size of the rototiller. The money will go back to you as the owner of the machine. The renter will pay for fuel and the operator.

Currently suggested investment machinery:

Note that the ranges (for example, $800-$2000 purchase price or $20-$50/day rental price) depend on the size of the machine. A day is 8 hours of use.