Join Us!

There are many ways to join us at Fruit Haven:

  • Volunteer and potentially become a community member or resident - help create our fruit forest and aid in re-forestation of the Amazon region of southeast Ecuador.
  • Pay to stay for short term or rent a room for long-term - without a work obligation, relax and enjoy nature and experience the joy of living with like-minded frugivorous people in a community setting. Sure beats a hostel!
  • Detox Healing Program -heal your body, mind, and emotions with delicious raw foods, vibrant fruits, pure water with fresh waterfalls, daily yoga and massage with our powerful healing protocols.
  • Buy land - participate in group land buy or purchase existing lots available. Plant fruit trees, build a house and develop your land while being a trustee within our village.
  • Become an affiliate by applying for our affiliate program. You can advertise for numerous programs we offer, and earn a commission for referrals.