Affiliate Program

Are you looking for passive income? Enroll in the Fruit Haven affiliate program. You can earn a commission via referring people to various Fruit Haven programs and projects. It's a great way to earn money promoting something that aligns with your personal values.


  • Group Land Buys - earn a commission of 0.50% of the total purchase amount of the person you refer. Example: If someone buys a $10k share in a property, you earn $50.
  • Paying Guests at Fruit Haven - You earn 10% of their fee when they stay here as a guest. Also, the guest will receive their 6th night free if they pay for 5 nights, using your affiliate code.
  • Detox Healing Program at Fruit Haven: You earn 10% of the cost of the Raw Vegan Vacation. Your affiliate code will give vacationer a discount for signing up as well. The vacationer will receive $20 off the cost of their stay.
  • Amazon Fruit Festival - you will receive $50 if your affiliate code is used to purchase a ticket for the AFF 2020. The purchaser will get $25 off the cost of their ticket.
  • Tambo House Rental - You will receive 5% of the monthly rent, and the guest receives a 5% discount on their monthly rent. The guest must mention your affiliate code in their email communications with Terra Frutis in order to receive the discount (and for you to receive the commission.)

Please fill out the form below to apply as an affiliate. Below the form are the terms of the affiliate program.

Fruit Haven Affiliate Program


  • As an affiliate, you can choose what to promote (group land buys, raw vegan vacation, guest stays at Fruit Haven, or the Amazon Fruit Festival.) You can promote all of those things, or just one.
  • You must promote at least once per month. This can be a facebook post, instagram post, a mention in a Youtube video, attending an event and telling people about it, etc. If an affiliate does not remain active they may be removed from the program.
  • Affiliates must remain professional and mentally/emotionally fit when representing Fruit Haven or the Amazon Fruit Festival.
  • Commissions for hospitality programs (raw vegan vacation or guest stays) will be paid when the guest leaves.
  • Commissions for the AFF will be paid directly after the festival in January 2020 (because people may cancel and get a refund before the festival.)
  • Commissions for the group land buys will be paid directly after the closing.
  • Affiliates are responsible for money transfer fees and currency exchange rates.
  • Affiliates must provide correct information (the information that is provided on the Fruit Haven and Amazon Fruit Festival websites.)
  • Affiliates may receive emails with updates or promotion ideas / materials
  • Affiliates can use these web pages to get more information about the programs they will be promoting: