Detox Healing Program

Fruit Haven Ecovillage

Detox Healing Program

7 days 🌑 14 days 🌑 21 days

Join us and heal your body, mind, and emotions with delicious raw food, vibrant fruit, pure water, fresh waterfalls, and powerful healing protocols. At Fruit Haven Ecovillage, we provide the perfect environment for a smooth healing journey.

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This program is designed for individuals and couples, so there will be no compromises. Everyone who lives here at Fruit Haven practices a natural, raw vegan lifestyle. We have plenty of delicious home-grown fruits and medicinal plants. And you know what else? The energy here is so powerful! It's like being in Mother Nature’s womb. And that's so nurturing, so healing.

All the food is included in the program, and you can have as much as you want. We are sure that you will fall in love with these delicious fruits! Vitória Steele, an amazing raw vegan chef, is sure to surprise you with her tantalizing creations.

The food isn't all we have to offer. Medicinal plants, energetic healing sessions, massages, meditation, yoga, and emotional support are all specially prepared for you! Depending on the extent to which you would like to detox your body, we offer 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day detox healing programs. In each of these programs, an iridology and detoxification specialist, certified by the Dr. Robert Morse International School of Detoxification and with extensive experience with energetic healing therapy, will guide you along the way. With a background as a registered nurse, she has the appropriate knowledge and experience to help you through your healing journey. The main difference between these programs and a typical retreat is that here, each guest receives a customized protocol for their individual needs.

What is included in our programs?

  • All food and meals prepared by us
  • Daily yoga
  • Daily meditation
  • Massages
  • Energetic healing sessions
  • Psycho-emotional support
  • Natural healing practices (skin brushing and oil pulling)
  • Iris reading
  • Nature walks and waterfall baths
  • Natural music (the birds here sing daily symphonies for you!)
  • Online evaluation before and after the program and online counseling after the program*

Can you imagine what it is like to stay in this beautiful place and have the opportunity to participate in a guided healing journey?

*We will evaluate you beforehand to create a therapeutic protocol that is tailored to your specific needs, to help you achieve the best results, and to ensure a gentle process, and then after the program to see your progress. There will also be online counseling afterward to optimize your experience and goal-achieving potential.


  • 7-day protocol* (includes 3 massages and 2 energetic healing sessions) – $1,200.00
  • 14-day protocol* (includes 5 massages and 3 energetic healing sessions) – $1,900.00
  • 21-day protocol* (includes with 8 massages and 5 energetic healing sessions) – $2,900.00

*Also includes everything from the “What’s included” list above

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About the Therapist

My name is Dinamene Oliveira. I'm from Portugal, although I always say that my home is wherever I am. And now my home is here at Fruit Haven! I decided to live at Fruit Haven because I realized that I deserve to live in a supportive community with common values, where people work together to create a beautiful world.

I am a certified Level 2 iridology and detox specialist through Dr. Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., I.D., M.H. I'm also a registered nurse, although I choose not to work with chemicals anymore, neither do I see bodily imbalances as "diseases"; I know that this knowledge is very helpful to support people in their healing process. Nowadays I work with natural foods, detox protocols, medicinal plants, energetic healing techniques, yoga, and the most powerful energy – LOVE!

I'm also a certified Yoga teacher, certified therapist in Reiki, manual etheric medicine, crystal healing, massage, herbal medicine, numerology, and intuitive coaching.

I have ample experience advising people in their journeys of true healing. I have managed and worked in a holistic therapy center in Portugal for seven years. I have organized retreats and workshops, and I can honestly say I love so much what I have been doing!

In addition to all the knowledge I have acquired from the studies and the experience of guiding others, I am also on my own journey which has given me so much understanding and wisdom. I continue the journey into my heart, healing with the food that I bless and eat, the medicinal plants that I use, and all the energetic work that I continue doing. I love to provide care, but more than that I want to guide you in a journey of self-love in which you will learn how to take good care of yourself as the divine being that you are.

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