Pay to Stay

Last updated 7 December 2019

Paying Guests...

  • Pay a nightly rate comparable to local hotel prices, and can stay here and enjoy the farm and community, with no work obligation.
  • Must fill out an online application here
  • $12/night for a private room in the community house or cabin. $7/night if staying in a tent (bring your own tent, or rent a tent and foam camping pad from us for $1/night; in that case just bring your sleeping bag and a blanket.)
  • Pay a $100 security deposit upon arrival (or you can send us beforehand), which is returned at the end of your stay (minus the cost of your stay).
  • Can eat food produced from the farm for free, but anything beyond that must be purchased themselves from local markets or neighboring farms. We usually do a weekly community produce order to make it easy. (Order placed on Thursday afternoon, received on Saturday morning.)
  • If you want the ultimate raw vegan vacation experience with all your food provided, check out our Raw Vegan Vacation!
  • Note: It is common for volunteers to pay to stay for a few nights, whether in a tent or a room, when they first arrive. This helps to recover from long travels and acclimatize to the new environment. Of course, volunteers can also start working right away if they desire.
  • If you'd like to stay for a month or more, we have special monthly rates. $150/mo for a room or $100/mo to stay in a tent with access to the community area facilities/internet. The $100/month tent rate includes the use of one of our tents and a foam camping pad, if you desire; you just need to bring your own sleeping bad / blanket / etc. More info on monthly rates here: Rent a room