Room Rentals

Last updated: August 1, 2020

Be our Guest

Note: Yes, we are currently accepting guests.

  • Pay a nightly or monthly rate comparable to local hotel prices, stay here and enjoy the farm and community, with no work obligation.

  • Please fill out the guest questionnaire.

  • $12 - $18/night or $150 - $200/month for a private room in the FH1 community house/cabin or FH2 Casa Rohan or FH3 community house.

  • $8/night or $100/month if staying in a tent (includes the use of one of our tents and a foam camping pad, if you desire; you just need to bring your own sleeping bag / blanket / etc.)

  • We require a $100 security deposit. Send us payment prior to arrival to secure your stay via Paypal or Bitcoin. The deposit is returned at the end of your stay

  • There is a shared kitchen with high-speed blender, dehydrator, juicer, and dishes/utensils.

  • You may eat food produced from the farm for free, but anything beyond that must be purchased yourself from local markets or neighboring farms. We usually do a weekly community produce order to make it easy.

  • If you want to go into deep healing, check out the Detox Healing Program

FH1 Bedroom 5

FH1 Bedroom 4

FH1 Bedroom 2

FH1 Pond hut