FH1 Community

  • The first community area purchased as a group land buy.

  • Located near the Zamora river, 10 minutes walk to a village with several small shops with fruits and vegetables, and main road access to 2 nearby cities.

  • There are 3 rooms for rent and pond hut cabin, book in advance.

  • A private cabin up the hill: Pyramiradora

  • High speed wireless internet at the community house that reaches the pool and pond hut cabin.

  • Pool fed by natural mountain stream that provides water to the house.

  • Hot shower available with stream fed water.

  • Laundry machine available.

  • Small waterfall 2 minute walk away, great for showering!

  • Prices for single occupancy $12/night or $170/month, double occupancy $18/night or $260/month

Pond hut

Bedroom 5

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 4