Seed Sales

We can sell seeds of the tropical fruits we have available, and send via international post.

Send us an email for pricing:

Currently available (As of November 2018)

Nothing currently available - see "live plants / cuttings" below.

Not Currently Available

Iñaco / Apay / Gustavia macarenensis (March - April) - a delicious fatty fruit, dense orange flesh, rich flavor, similar to avocado or canistel. Native to the western Amazon. Rare and relatively unknown. Fruits in 4 years from seed. Small tree.

Mamey Sapote (pouteria sapote) (March - April small orders of 20+, July - August large orders of 1000 or more)

Peanut butter fruit (bunchosia argentea) (check again in September/October)

South American Sapote (matisia/zapote)

Rollinia (biriba / rollinia deliciosa) (sometimes available)

Chonta (chontaduro, peach palm)


Soursop / guanabana

Live plants/cuttings available within Ecuador:

Mysore raspberry

Cranberry hibiscus

Malabar spinach (basella alba)

Katuk (sweetleaf)

Garlic vine (ajo sacha)

Buddha's Belly sugarcane (pink and green stripes, from Hawaii)

Peanut Butter fruit (cuttings, bunchosia argentea)


Soursop (Guanabana)

Iñaco (wild avocado, orange flesh, gustavia macarenensis)


Abiu (cauje/yaraso)

... Many more